InnovationPremium Collection

The development process of Stilo Textil Premium Collection represented the greatest challenge that the Stilo Textil Group has overcome to date: a qualitative leap in collections that set trends without losing sight of the functionality and requirements of our homes in daily life.

Home Textiles

The result of over a year of work, development with suppliers and specialists in surfaces, is now a reality. Stilo Textil Premium Collection comprises 33 trend-setting collections and 400 references aimed at addressing the most demanding needs of the home textile sector and its key players: decorators and interior designers, the creators of the most inspirational spaces for our homes.

33 CollectionsPremium Collection

The Stilo Textil Premium Collection series encompasses a broad spectrum that awakens a sense of vivid color, evoking elegant atmospheres while maintaining a focus on the functionality and aesthetics demanded by our homes. Inspired by ancestral textile cultures, the fabrics in this series take on a central role, pushing the boundaries of creativity with elegant yet robust threads that dominate spaces and create warm, inviting, and human environments.

Premium Collection
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