Starting our journey

In 1994, our founder Miguel Ángel Pérez López set out on this path with a small facility located in the Córdoba town of Villa del Río.

Creating our companies


1998Stilo Textil

In 1998, STILO TEXTIL was born. A project is launched that still represents us today!

Stilo Textil


Thanks to the company’s unstoppable growth, COLORSANE was founded. Some 20 years later, this company would continue on hand-in-hand with STILO TEXTIL on the Iberian market.

Stilo Textil

2021Stilo by Portugal

STILO TEXTIL’s internationalisation project is born with the opening of our facilities in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal (Oporto).

Opening facilities


1994La Vega Industrial Estate

Activities begin at a small facility in Villa del Río, Córdoba.

Stilo Textil


Opening of the Stilo Textil Headquarters. The first warehouse and cutting facilities to offer tailored cutting services.

Stilo Textil

2020Current facilities

Inauguration of the current facilities, equipped with the most modern information and supply technology for high-performance warehouse management.

Stilo Textil


Opening of our facilities in Portugal.



2005Every colour to suit your taste

Ema, Nadia, Kira, Fiorella, Fiona, Zoe, Tais, Aura… a series of collections that set trends in the Home-Textile sector at the time. Combinations of colours, textures, and prints that most certainly remain on the minds of prestigious decorators and interior designers of the time.

Stilo Textil

2007Fashion Style

Reds, purples, blues, coppers, and ivories. An expansion of innovative colours that were presented in collections such as Tess, Tekla, Thelma, Talia, and Titus, which set the tone at the time.

Stilo Textil

2009Looking for Stilo?

Youthful, dynamic collections that introduced a combination of threads to warp and woof. Who doesn’t remember Alma, Nut, Ícaro, Ipanema, and Inka?




A stain-resistant treatment that protects fabrics and keeps grime from seeping in.

Plus +

2022Plus +

A stain-resistant treatment that lets fabrics be cleaned with just some water.

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